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Hydrolysis catalyst support

This product can hydrolyze organic sulfides, adsorb chloride, chlorine, hydrochloric acid gas, etc., and can be used at room temperature and high temperature. It has good performance and is very suitable for hydrolysis catalyst carrier. For example, in chemical raw material gases (such as converter gas, synthesis gas, water gas, urea feed gas CO2, liquefied gas) produced from oil, coal, and coke, COS is the main organic sulfur component, and synthetic catalysts are often composed of precious metals, which are particularly sensitive to sulfur. Trace sulfur in the raw material can cause catalyst poisoning and deactivation. At present, the new hydrolysis catalysis in China can remove trace H2S, COS and other sulfides from various chemical raw material gases and liquid hydrocarbons, and protect precious metal catalysts.


Hydrolysis catalyst support


Catalyst carrier series

Hydrolysis catalyst support


CO-MO System Sulfur-tolerant Shift Catalyst Support

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